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Should I still seek help?


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I tend to have emotional issues. Things in general are pretty good in my life, I have no family issues, I have a close friend, decent grades, a little lacking in the social/dating department, but that's okay. But every now and then I'll have crying spells for no reason and I'll begin to think that I'm worthless and will never get anywhere in my life. I just had a crying spell last night, cried myself to sleep over the fact that I can't think of any talents that I have. It's over obviously petty stuff like that. But it's only every now and then. And on an almost constant basis I fantasize about how it would be if I killed myself, the people that would be at my funeral, and how I would want to be found. But I never get close to do it, I never plan it out, I only think about it, and how it might be. I know my parents and my friend would be upset so I'm sure I would never kill myself. So, should I still seek professional help? I feel most would just say to get over it and think positively. I dunno.

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You know I have thought about the same thing if I had killed myself how those around me would be and you know I highly doubt anyone would care about my passing. After 3 sucide attempts I never want to try again.


I don't think you should seek professional help but I do think if you are holding it in its time to let it out into the open whatever it is and go from there would be the best thing for you to do.

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I've had similar thoughts as well; just in those moments where you feel so unloved you wonder if anyone outside like family would miss me if I was gone. Needless to say no one knows how "deep" I'm in the whole rut (or at least how bad it is getting)


Also been avoiding "professional" help too. Like yourself, I just can't do it over such "petty" things since the rest of my life outside the social/relationship area is okay, I think. I have considered a councillor a bit more seriously, but only as a sympathetic ear really, like religious person or one of those hotlines. But still I stop myself with how petty these things are compared to "real depression" others have. eNA is pretty much serving the same role too which is good.

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