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Attracted to Friend

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5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

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I've been increasingly attracted to my best (guy) friend.

We have been friends for a long time, and were were even roommates at one point. Since I started college we've been practically inseparable, and still are. I've had some passing attractions for him, especially a few years ago before we got so close, but our friendship has been very platonic otherwise.

I've been in a relationship for the past couple of years, and he has a girlfriend too. This puts me in a quite a situation, I know it would be the wrong thing to do anything more than think about. Even if we were single, the idea of putting myself out there is unreal, it would change the dynamic of our relationship.

I feel like in one of those movies when there is this sudden realization that what you want is right under you're nose or something. We just have such a connection. I have no way of knowing if he feels at all for me. I consider it sometimes, but i don't know. Come summer all of us (my boyfriend, his girlfriend and all of our friends) are pretty much parting ways and moving. My friend, is moving cross country. I may or may not stay with my boyfriend, who i love, but have been with all of my adult life, and he is moving a couple hours away.

I feel wrong feeling this way, but also excited. I just don't know how to handle this. All of my friends are connected to us in some way, and i can't talk to them about it. What to do? Anyone been in thos situation.

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Trust me.. unless you are 100% sure about this then you will be making a huge mistake.


I've dated friends, and more times than not it ruins your relationship with them. Sometimes it works out, but often it doesn't.


If you love your boyfriend, then find a way to be happy together. Just a suggestion. I hope you find what you need Annie.

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