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I'm so confused


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well here the lay out ppl. im on of the most shyest ppl when it comes to talk with the opposite sex. so on to the next problem i want to go out with 2 different women 1 of them is in a relationship the other 1 isn't at the moment so....i have been friend with the one in the relationship for about 3 years now and havent had the chance to ask her out cause ever time i get the balls to she get a new bf](*,)...the other one i have ever rarely talk to i have had some attems to talk with her but so far really nothin...so i dont now if i should wait or start hanging out with the other 1...... * * * should i do???

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Well the one that always gets a new bf I would forget about. If she had any interest in you, I would think she would have tried expressing it during one of her sabbatical periods. If she goes for a new guy really quickly without even attempting to flirt with you or put it out there that she is interested, then she probably doesn’t see you that way. Wouldn’t hurt to try if you had the chance, but I personally wouldn’t expect her to be that interested.


Since the other one is single I would say try talking to her more and try asking her to hang out. Always better to focus on a single lady. Don’t waste a lot of time being a “friend”. Get in there and make sure you demonstrate that you are attracted. After that, if she doesn’t bite, move on. There are other women.

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