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So yesterday I think I missed 2 really great opportunities. The first one, a few weeks back this girl came up to me while I was studying and decided to talk to me. We talked for almost 30 minutes, she asked me if I can help her fill out her FASFA (Financial Aid for school), I agreed and we exchanged numbers.


I think she was interested in me because she initiated the conversation. And who talks to a stranger for 30 mins? Also, any person out of 8th grade should be able to fill out FASFA on their own.


The meeting to help her with the FASFA was yesterday. I think she set it to get to know me better. We were at the library, she pretty much filled everything out herself and we talked for about a hour. I pretty much didn't do anything to help her. At first she was wearing a button down shirt, but she wanted to get comfortable. She took off her shirt into a tank-top and put up her hair. She was pretty touchy/feely the whole time. She told me she was going away for springbreak, so I didn't want to set a date 2 weeks in advance. Instead, I said "we should get drinks when you get back." I saw an obvious change in her tone. She said yes, but in a non-enthusiastic way.


All my friends are saying she was disappointed she went through all that and I didn't ask her out legitimately. Is it too late to do anything about this?


The second, was later that night at the bar. This girl I met from before, but never really spoken to was at my side the whole night. We exchanged numbers and she told me to call her when I go to after hours. I met up with her for after hours, but nothing was really going on. I was drunk and we were alone several of times. But I didn't make a move. She asked me to walk her home so I did, and she did the whole "looking for her keys" at the front door, but i was too drunk to put it together and didn't kiss her.


Did I miss this opportunity, is it too late to do anything about this one too?

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On the first, you could have tried to set something up before she left. Call her when she gets back.


On the second, you screwed up a little, but she could have just been looking for action that night but nothing further. Sounds like you want more than just that.


You can easily recover with either girl. Go for it.

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The girl fumbling for her keys: she was buying time so that you'd ask her to continue on with the night.


Financial Aid Girl: change in tone of voice = she was kind of disappointed, you kinda rejected her there bro.


She was curious about you when she initiated the convo. But most importantly it's the fact that you guys maintained a convo for 30 minutes and a good hour in the second convo. Very good sign that she was interested ( as long as the convo included topics that let both of you find out about each other more ).


In both situations yes, you mucked up. But here's the good news, you still have a chance. IMO, You have a better chance with the first girl though you guys had a better interaction with each other, and she was clearly interested in you.


Now the hard part, you gotta show that you're interested in her as well next time you guys interact. You need to ask to meet up for drinks, or hang out. She did her part, now it's your turn.

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