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The young women I have been persuing has said yes to our second date. I saw her in the gym last night. I was trying to keep my distance after initially saying hello to give her some space. There were other men there that were talking to her but she didn't seem interested. After a few minutes she comes over by me and we started talking. We worked out together for about an hour.


She told me that she is on break next week from school. She also said that this week has been extremely stressful with work and a big project due so she didn't have any time and that is why she wasn't able to do anything with me this week. She asked me how wed. was and I told her it was busy for me because I was in meetings all day and didn't get home until late. I didn't talk to her on wed. after talking to her monday and tuesday.


So after talking and working out for an hour I asked her what her plans were for the weekend. She is going to visit her father for the weekend until tuesday. So I asked her to go to a movie with me on Thursday and she said she would love to. So we proceeded to set up the meeting time.


I really don't feel like this is only the second date because of how much time we spend together at the gym. It has been at least two day's a week for an hour or more. So we are seeing eachother just as much as if we were going on two dates a week. The only difference is the meetings are not scheduled they just happen.


Well I then go to get on the treadmill after we were done lifting so I said goodbye she said go run and I will come and see you before I leave. She comes over to say goodbye and she told me to make sure I text message her later. She said she will be doing work so I said I didn't want to bother her to much. She said you do not bother me at all and I am not going to bite your head off..lol..


So before I can even get home I get a text message from her that say's so thurday at 7 right? I confirmened and she said she just wanted to write it down on her calendar..We text messaged back and forth for 2 more hours after that..


So long story short. She is real busy and has been wanting to go on a second date. She does want me to text her and wonders why I don't if I miss a day.. So I think she is interested, and is actually really busy witch I knew from the beginning..

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i'm guessing they spot each other and enjoy each other's company.


Yes this is true we sometimes do the same exercises and push eachother harder. If we are not doing the same routines then she will go and complete her set for a minute then she will come right back. I am not chasing her around the gym by any means. She has been coming up to me in the gym. So I am trying to give her the space, but I don't think she wants it. We usually do all of our talking in between sets.

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She does want me to text her and wonders why I don't if I miss a day.. So I think she is interested, and is actually really busy witch I knew from the beginning..


To say she sounds interested is a bit of an understatement! You two sound as though you have the basis of a great friendship as well as physical attraction.


Have a great date!

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