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Should i make my move...Again


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Sorry for the long post. So here is the background, It was 5 years ago, I first met her when i worked at the movies her name was Rebecca, it was one of her first shifts and i really didnt want to be at work. She was quiet and wasnt saying much, which was making me more bored so i told her jokingly "ive seen slices of bread that are more exciting that you". That opened her right up and we started talking alot and became quite close over the next few shifts. So after a few weeks she asked me out and honestly i did not know if i saw her in that way or not and to protect her from getting hurt i said no for now. My bestfriend also worked at the movies and he and her started talking as friends. I could tell they were starting to like each other, and i was still confused about her so i did what i thought was the right thing and gave them my blessing to go out (they both asked), who was i to stand in the way of two peoples happiness. I ended up taking her to my 10th grade formal/prom because i asked her before they were going out, i wanted to swap partners but my friend didnt want too.


It was at this time her and i became close, we were best friends and about a month into their relationship, i fell head over heels for her. I dismissed it at the time as jealousy and kind of ignored my feelings. They broke up about 6 months later and her and i started to loose contact (it was a bad break up, and i was made to choose a side wrongly by my bestfriend. naturally i chose him because we went to school together and we had the longer friendship). So i assumed at this stage eventually my feelings would go away, and they didnt.


I got fired from my job and only saw her on and off for the next year at parties and out and about, never enough so i could ask her out without looking like a stalker. So after my final year of school i asked her out, wrongly via text message and i also said in it ive not stopped liking her. She told me she wanted to concentrate on her last year of school and not at the moment. My bestfriend and i grew apart. So naievely i waited the year for her and tried again, she kept telling me she was too busy too hang (by this stage i just asked her if she wanted to hang out as m8s). Stupidly i went to the movies hoping to bump into her and of course i did. We got talking and again i asked if she wanted to hang out she said maybe. We were chatting away and she mumbled under her breath something about her boyfriend then looked really embaressed. So i left and went home licking my wounds.


I have not spoken to her since that day(it was about 18 months ago), and i have spent everyday since then thinking about her, it seems like every time i start to forget her i have a dream about her and im back to square one. Ive conceded in the fact that ive lost her and it wasnt meant to be, i mean i blew my chance and i have to deal with the consequence.


So in the last 3 days i have been recieving these generic text messages from her about seeing her band play. I didnt reply or anything to them until i made a big mistake.


Here is what i thought i sent to my friend steve, but actually went to her. "oh my god! rebecca keeps messagin me this generic message to go see her band play. its the 4th in 3 days, its killin me". By the time i realised, it was too late. Here is the following conversation after.


She replied: " Lol maybe you should go and she will stop messaging you

i replied: " Haha well here is your chance to sell it to me ms roberts. Who will be goin, how long are you on for and importantly why do you think i should go?"

She replied: "im on for forty min, ok why should you go um ok well 1st of all its been too long! and second of all you havent seen my awesome new band and third its fun and the venue is great!"

I replied: wheres it at again?

she replied with the place

i replied: " if your lucky, den ill make an appearance

she replied: " im known to be a lucky girl hope to see you there x"


Now im probably not going to go because i dont want to go and see she still has a bf and not only will i be really hurt, i will be kind of angry for wasting my time. I was thinking of after or just before the concert, letting her know i cant/couldnt go. But if she still wants to meet up we can have a coffee at whatever place. Do you all think i should?? or did i read a little too much into it (mixed with wishful thinking), my mate steve thinks its fate but im a little more cautious than that. My reasoning for trying however is if i do nothing then i still wont have her, so really i have nothing to loose. Also is it better to call or text her this?

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Honestly this just seems like a want what you can't have situation. In my experience it is so common when you meet someone and are so so about them and then your friend likes them and you are like WOAH I am totally like in loooooveee. Its nonsense. She has rejected you like 3 times now. 1 should have been enough. Lets look at the situation, she has a band that she needs to spread the word about, she probably told everyone in the universe. Since her band is probably a little blip in the universe she will do what she can to get anybody there. Trust me I know a lot of people who "want you to come see their band cuz we are total buds"! Stop pursuing this girl, there is simply nothing to go on here.

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