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Co-worker trying to set me up with a teammate of hers


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A few years back, my co-worker said she had someone she'd like me to meet from her softball team, and thought we'd get along. I attended their next game, and this girl was unattractive in almost every way - what really did it for me was her excessive cursing. She was almost like "one of the guys", or butch, if you will. I thought to myself "That's what my co-worker thinks of me - that this girl is my type?!" I wound up interested in the girl's sister, who was also there, but she was engaged.


Fast-forward to today. I'm 2 months out of a 1.5-year relationship, and I feel I'm healing well, but haven't fully recovered. My co-worker calls me into her office and says "I have someone new on my team, and I think you guys would get along great". I rolled my eyes. She's 27, divorced and lives 26 miles away from me, not to mention she's still buddy-buddy with her ex-husband.


I don't have a good feeling about this. The divorce already, the fact that she's still friends with the ex-husband, the distance, not to mention the mismatch my co-worker set me up on before. I'm enjoying my single life. Leaving my place a mess, doing nothing in the evenings. What do you think - should I meet her?

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