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Need advice/help - Want to reconcile with ex but what are my chances?


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Just reposting my story here because I think I posted this in the wrong forum.

So heres my story, I just really need some help and advice on what to do and if I've got any chance with reconciliation with my ex girlfriend.


We were in a relationship for just over 3 years then out of the blue she wanted to move out and break up with me. This happened about a month ago (early Feb) We had a good relationship, never had a serious argument or any serious fights. We were good friends for about a year or two before we even decided to get into a relationship.


So when we broke up I initially tried to keep us together by saying it'll be different and all that stuff (which I know I shouldn't have after reading these forums ). We stayed in LC for about a couple of weeks after and hung out a couple of times and kissed and hugged but nothing too intimate. I also improved myself during this time, worked out, ate properly, thought about our relationship etc. Everytime we hung out I stayed upbeat, confident, fun and generally like life was great. I initiated NC for 5 days then broke it yesterday by inviting her to go out for some beers. After we got our friendly and fun rapport back, I told her that I find it hard to hang out as friends and asked her if there was any chance that we could get back together (bad idea I know, couldn't help it at the time). She said she is just "not ready". We both got a little bit emotional and basically just headed home.


She texted me today saying: hey just wanted 2 say hi and c hw ur 2day

I texted back saying: Hi yea im all good thnks. Hope u havn a good day.


She has to pick her things up from my house tomorrow night (big furniture stuff). I'm planning to give her a sincere apology letter about the mistakes I made that contributed to the breakdown of our the relationship (basically she didn't feel special), because I know I could've done more.


Anyway here are my questions:

- Should I bother about the apology letter? (I haven't openly acknowledged my mistakes or sincerely apologized about them since the break up)


- Have I screwed it up too bad that reconciliation at this point is impossible?


- I know I should stay in NC but she's the one who keeps calling and texting me and I fear that if I don't at least reply to her texts that she'll think I'm immature or just bitter. Any advice?


Thank you in advance for anyone who can contribute to my dilemma. I'll be here all night scouring the forums for anything helpful, it really helps

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don't think the ''letter'' would do much good at this point. she's already said she's not ready. i honestly think you should give it more time. the things you need to say will only be more sincere further down the road. i think at this point...she won't be able to fully appreciate the things you're trying to communicate.

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