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Falling in love


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I posted on here a while ago about the guy I'm seeing saying 'I love you' to me a fair few times, he did it again last night over dinner, but in a silly way, pointing at his eye, then heart then me, and all I could do was take a sip of my wine, he did it again, and I reacted in the same way so I asked what he was doing and he asked me to say what he was saying and I couldn't. I don't know why I couldn't, actually I do. This guy hurt me before when we first dated last year and broke up, his choice not mine... we're now 6 months in and needless to say I DO love him, and would love to say it to him, but I'm scared to incase it scares him, even though he's saying it to me. How am I to know he's not just playing with me....?


Scared to say it incase I lose him!? Crazy or what?

Can anyone advise on how I deal with this? How I bring it up, how I might even say it to him myself, any advice greatly received!!


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oh yeah duh...guess i could have put an example. stupid ghost.


so, i had an ex long ago that said it within the first 2 weeks. we saw each other everyday. anyways, i didn't say it back and didn't say it for another 9 months. when i did say it, we got it one for like 2 days straight. lol we ended up together 4.5 years.

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Thing is, I do feel it, I stop myself from saying it all the time. I think he has to know how I feel the way I act with him... I'm just scared of saying too much... hey ho!


maybe you just don't want to say it because he says it all the time and you might think that if you stay it you will both start saying it too much and it will become bleak.

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