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I have to flex me pc muscle during masterbation or sex. normal?


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Heya, im 18 years old, been masterbateing for god knows how long, and started having sex when i was about 14-15 ish.


Iv noticed one thing that iv talked to people and it differs.


i AUTOMATICCLY without thinking flex my PC muscle, whenever receiveing any sort of stimulation. I get annoying cause it takes forever to cum from a girl giving me a blowjob, but it feels better if i flex it.


I have absolutly no problem reaching orgasm during sex what soever, but i can go for an hour or 2 mins. But i can never cum from girls giving me head, and im scared im overuseing my PC muscle which to this day might be the reason for my erection problems.


anyone have a similar issue or know anything?

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Like i have came from Blowjobs, just takes a long time and almost as if i force it. Which isnt supposed to be right.

Handjobs i can come from but also take a long while.


Would not flexing that muscle help me ejaculate faster?


Now i mean if it was the other way around, long time to ejaculate during sex, and quick on blowjobs both parties would be happy

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