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Birth control questions!

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Okay, so this is really personal, but I am having a hard time figuring this out: So I started Ortho Cyclin (NOT Ortho TRI Cyclin) 30 days ago. This is strickly the same dose of estragen and progesterone every day, unlike other birth controls that get smaller amounts of the hormone as the month goes by . Since then, my urine has been a lot more yellow and has smelled more potently of urea. Does anyone know if this is normal?

Honestly, I figure its because of a chemical change, but some words of advice would be much appriciated anyway!


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Hmmmmm...if you haven't changed your eating or drinking habits and the pill is the only new thing, I would guess that's the reason.


However, I would call your Dr. and at least speak to the nurse and find out if this is one of the side effects.


You could also call your pharmacist. Often times they know more about the side effects of a drug than the dr. does.


Good luck!

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Yeah, I probably should call her. Lol. The pharmacist though, I didn't even think of that

Its just odd because I have been on several types of BC and never had anything like this happen, though I did have a baby within the last year and my aunt (who's been a nurse for like 25 years or something) said that after having a baby, your uterus can act differently to birth control. Oh well, lol.

Thanks everyone!

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