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Anti-depression medication??

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I have been depressed for over a year. I finally met with a counselor for the first time this week. I've never been depressed nor have I ever been to a counselor. I really think I should be on medication for just a little while. I've never been a fan of anti-depression pills, but after a lot of thought on the subject, I think it is the best thing for me right now.


My question is how do I go about this? Can I just ask my counselor for a prescription? She is a LPC so if she can't prescribe medication, how do I get a prescription?


You need to understand that I am certainly not trying to get an illegitimate prescription. I hardly ever take aspirin or anything of the sort. I'm not a big fan of medication, and I prefer natural healing. But at this point, I feel helpless. I know what I need to do and what I need to stop doing. I just don't have the will power. I think I can get myself out of this with some assistance from medication. I have a problem that I've been battling for over a year, and I obviously can't do it on my own.


Please let me know what I can do. Thank you.

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I've never had a family physician or anything. Can you just schedule an appointment with a regular medical doctor? How do they diagnose people with depression? Is it done with a medical procedure or test? I'm not familiar with depression at all. I don't understand how a person gets diagnosed with depression from one visit to a medical doctor. It seems like a psychiatric problem rather than a medical problem that can be detected from a procedure.

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You will probably under-go some sort of psychological evaluation. I'm sure your counseler could lead you in the right direction.


You may go to a normal Dr. and then be refferred out.


Just go to your Dr. tell him/her you may be depressed and they will go from there. Like I said, they will run psychological tests and such. Ask you questions, etc.

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You should see a psychiatrist (psychiatrists offer counseling as well as give prescriptions) and undergo a psychiatric evaluation. I think in some cases you might need a referral from a physician, but I'm sure if you call your health center or ask your counselor you've been seeing, they'll let you know what to do. Depression is the worst, I can relate. I hope things start getting better for you soon!

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