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should i go out with this guy?


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Ok here's my dilemma. This guy I don't really know personally (but used to go to my church so I know who he is) has emailed me and asked me out for coffee. Here's some background: I have known this guy's mother for several years and she and my mom now work together. His mother asked my mother for my email address so that we could maybe go out. She asked me if it was ok and I said sure not really sure that he would email me anyway, and also because I am trying to get over my ex and thought it might help to meet someone new.

However, a couple of months ago, his mother had also gotten a hold of a friend of mine's email and gave it to her son to email her (I think she is trying to find him a wife). So they went for coffee a couple of times but apparently there was no chemistry and they haven't spoken for over a month. I told my friend that this guy has my email and she said that she doesn't care if I go out with him.

My problem is that this guy has told his mom some things about my friend (i.e. stuff that she told him about herself) and to make matters worse she has also told my mom this stuff as well. It wasn't anything too personal but I really dont think it was appropriate. So now I am apprehensive about even just meeting with him for a coffee because I'm pretty sure he will tell his mother what we discussed and that she will tell my mother too and who knows who else! We have many common aquaintances and she seems to like to gossip. What should I do?

Also, I've never really dated anyone casually, I've been in one serious relationship in my life so going on a date with someone I don't know feels strange. I would really like to meet someone and be attracted to him before going on a date.

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Hmm..I believe discretion is very important in a relationship.I dont think he is worth going even for a coffee with. Discretion is very high on my priority list.Especially with a woman. Even today if a woman confides in me as a friend it stays inside me.period.He cant be trusted

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lol yes i have to be careful


I agree with topbloke about discretion, and how can I even consider a possible relationship if before I even go out with him I can't trust him? And I mentioned the "possible relationship" because I know that is what he is looking for.

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