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Girl in one of my classes


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K theres this really cute girl i jes noticed in one of my lectures and i wanna start talking to her but i don't really know how to approach her. its not really a big deal but i have a small fear of being a creeper. Anyway i can avoid being one?

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mate, here it is.. find something in common wether it be the smallest thing, make sure u say hi now and then, dont act too keen. then eventually just say hey whatcha up to this weekend, dont try make plans.. initiate a friendship first.. then gradually go to relationship.. good luck. keep us posted

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Possible conversational topics:


- weather

- what classes she is/you are taking

- hobbies

- friends and family

- compliments: pretty eyes, cute, etc

- music/movies

- food

- current events


Oh yeah, try not to bombard her with questions. You gotta tell her something about yourself too. Who knows she might just find something interesting about you.

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