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Can anti-anxiety meds help me?

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This is the background thread:




I get so nervous and anxious all the time, that I can hardly ever relax or let my guard down and I think it is starting to cause issues with my friendships. I tried to drink a bit to relax, and because of my height and inability to hold my liquor, I got really smashed really quick and that caused some strain to some of my budding friendships.


I wish I could be laid back like some of my friends, since it would help me around them. I think my extreme fear of not being liked by my friends, is causing me to act in weird ways, and may, in the end, cost me some friendships


I am getting my yearly checkup later this week. I am thinking of asking my GP to prescribe Ativan for me. A few years ago, I took Ativan for a while and it helped to calm me down.


Do you think it is a good idea? If I can calm down and not be in such a state of panic all the time, I think I can relate better to people and be able to keep my friends.

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I would recommend to openly discuss your emotions, anxiety and panic with your doctor. If meds have helped you in the past, it's highly likely they will help you now as well. On top of that you could also consider some behavioral therapy to help you identify and cope with situations that increase your anxiety

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It can't hurt Renny. NO ONE should have to live with uncontrolled anxiety.


If that drug worked for you before, ask your Dr. about giving it another try. Keep your options open though, because they've come out with different medications in the past few years and he/she may recommend something different.





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ativan effed me up. badly. the reason it worked for me cus i was too out of it to care. i used to walk into people all the time and not even realize it until much later. i was just OUT OF IT. but ativan is also not supposed to be used for long term ... or at least not for a 16yo kid.



go talk to a responsible doctor. mine sucked and just gave me those pills because she thought i was going through anxiety b/c of my mom. but it so wasn't abotu my mom and her situation.

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Of all the meds I have taken, Ativan kind of was the only one that worked quickly to calm my anxiety down. But, when I was prescribed Ativan (back in the days), it was prescribed as something to take only when I felt really overwhelmed.


I don't want to become reliant on meds for anxiety, but I really need to find a way to calm down and RELAX. I don't seem to know how to. Even when I am doing things to relax, I always worry about other things.


Right now, I have been absolutely freaking out about my new friendships, worrying that they may not like me, that the mutual friend thinks I'm weird for confiding in him that I liked one of his friends, etc., etc. Then I overreact and worry about stuff like why they didn't want to hang out with me last night, and yet were still online playing WoW.


Last night I was to the point that I wanted to call my friends and ask them if they liked me or not, stuff like that, because of them saying I shouldn't come over because they weren't doing much that night.


I overthink things which in turn, leads me to overreact and then I make a fool out of myself and probably lose friends in return.


I want to stop this and stop my mind from going into hyperdrive thinking that people don't like me.


If I calm down, I am actually quite fun to be around with.

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Why don't you want to see a therapist?


I just need to calm down the anxiety that seems to pervade my life.


As I understand, you have tried to calm yourself, but you have failed to do so. Where do you take the confidence from that this time you'll manage just by sheer mental force?

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Of all the meds I have taken, Ativan kind of was the only one that worked quickly to calm my anxiety down. But, when I was prescribed Ativan (back in the days), it was prescribed as something to take only when I felt really overwhelmed.


yup, that's what ativan was supposed to be for. you can't take it for long term or regularly because the withdrawal is a big fat *beep*.


honestly, you can't just keep on treating the symptoms. take my word for it, i've been doing it for YEARS. since i was 14. i finally gathered up the balls to go to counseling. i'm so glad and can't believe it took me that long to get there.

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You have something more akin to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Situational anxiety is what Ativan is for. You need something like Celexa, Zoloft, or one of the other antidepressants that can help with this issue. You should talk to your GP, but if you have health coverage, I HIGHLY suggest seeing a psychiatrist.

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I have to agree with those that are saying meds without therapy is not a fraction as useful to you. Don't dismiss the idea of therapy- it sounds like once you find the right one, it would be a great relief to talk about what you're going through, and work on changing your thought patterns. The meds alone are just going to put off the inevitable.

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Ren, I think it's great you're realizing that your anxiety is impairing your functioning and happiness. You deserve to feel calm! I think addressing your anxiety with your doctor is a positive step.


I agree with the others who say you probably need medication for generalized anxiety in addition to some therapy. I think you'd benefit a lot from cognitive therapy with the right person, because I've seen how you've been able to change some of your habitual thinking on here just by getting support from ENA. Sometimes you seem resistant to change, but then you take small steps to change and you see positive results.

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