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We met each other and it changed everything but I don't know where we stand!!!

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Ok, so it's been a week since the break up. Basically he has been acting very horribly to me during the last month of our relationship, and he took out all of his personal problems on me. I did my best to support him and he simply wasn't mature enough to realize how irritable and mean he'd been.


We bumped into each other today. We live on the same road (which we've done to get closer to each other...), 10 minutes walk though. And since last time we spoke, we both ended up sounding quite bitter (I wanted him to apologize for how he'd been and he felt he had good excuses to act this way), it was good to really talk, like two people who respect each other after a year and a half of being together.


We spoke for three hours at my place, very calmly and lovingly. It was obvious we still loved each other and cared for each other. We cuddled a lot and we both felt sorry it ended up like that. He admitted he felt really guilty about the bad boyfriend he's been and that I had been a perfect girlfriend and he wishes he didn't have such a bad temper. Obviously it's not that simple, we have other issues. I really do need to gain independence and worry about myself more than I do for him. We went through breaks before and because they lasted only 3 weeks, they never gave me the chance to do that.


I really want to be his friend. He truly is my best friend. I love him with all my heart and he loves me too. And we said we wouldn't see anyone else for the next 6 months because this could be our trial period. I guess we'll be doing NC for a start (although he wants us to meet again in 2 weeks), really sorting our lives out then if we still miss each other, we can meet up and see what happens. I guess we'll know within a month if we want to work on this relationship or not.


In the meantime I don't know what to do. I miss him like hell and he misses me too but with all the arguments we've had recently (they weren't even big arguments, more like bickering), it's best to cool things off. I don't like not knowing where we stand. It's obvious we still love each other and we aren't bitter about the breakup. We just have to be patient basically. And it's so annoying!!!

I know it sounds very simple but I just don't know where I go from here. Can you remind me how I am supposed to feel?

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