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Urgent: What should I do this weekend?

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Hey everybody. Ive been so stressed out thinking about my current situation with my ex that Ive found my way here to ask for some help. Id really appreciate some outside input on this situation.

Before I go into it heres some background of our relationship, sorry its so long please read on though and give me your insight. We are both currently sophomores in college. Im in California and she is in Virginia. In high school we dated for a year and a half and freshman year of college we did the long distance thing. Since freshman year it has been very rocky on and off. We have broken up many times but always seem to get back together whenever we return home for breaks. I dont know what it is. While were doing the long distance thing I feel too restricted and controlled and she feels like shes not able to trust me (kind of rightfully cuz ive lied about smoking pot many times to her, she really disliked it for a while and got very emotionally hurt when i would lie to her about it, but i have never slept with any other girl here at school unless we were not dating, and it has only been one girl and i told her about her... regardless it has been rough on both of us so we havent been able to maintain the long distance thing... but whenever we are broken up she still occupies my mind A LOT.. I really dont know if im in love with her or if im just obsessed (not in a creepy way if you know what i mean, this is just the first girl ive ever gotten this emotionally attached to) So this past winter break this is what happened. We came home not being together.. she gets in contact with me by getting my friend who lives three doors down to invite me over without knowing shes there... after i had been trying to avoid seeing her, knowing we would end up being back together... stupid me even though I knew it would be painful and hard on both of us when we go back to school, I start talking to her again... by the end of winterbreak i broke up with her not able to handle the stress the relationship was bringing me... the day shes leaving she calls me and tells me she wants to just say bye... she comes over and gets on top of me and starts making out with me and i dont respond and tell her to stop... she continues... not gonna lie i liked it and we end up having sex again... poof were together again... we are both back at school and both join fraternities and sororities... I tell her I kissed a my date on a formal invite because we had discussed being open like that (I actually only kissed her and she brought me back to her room and I declined sex and went home)... I tell her this and she tells me she doesnt want to talk anymore and that we have different interests regarding meeting new people... Since then we havent talked for about a month... so yesterday she texts me saying she is coming LA right by my school and is gonna be at my school for a night and wants to see me!!! why is she coming accross the country out of the blue and coming to my school of all places... she says shes coming with a friend, one i have never heard of, that has a brother that goes to my school...the girl is actually real but i find it very coincidental... I dont know what to do. This whole past month ive been trying to get her out of my head and move on. Unsuccessfully might i add, I havent hooked up with or met any girls im interested in dating here at school, And i still think about her every day. Now shes gonna be right down the street. I want to see her so bad but am afraid of what that might cause cuz shes just gonna leave again. Please help me understand what she is thinking and help me figure out what to do? Once again im sorry this is so long thanks for reading!!

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