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She doesn't get it.


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Dear eNotAloner,


I met this girl at an event. I knew her before hand. After the party she started talking to me on facebook.


She told me she had a good time and was glad to see me and she'll definitely be there again next year. I make the move, i tell her maybe I can see her before next year.


She took it so literally that she reply saying she doesn't know when the next party is and that there is a festival this summer she's going to and I should meet her there...


Was I not obvious or does she just want to be friends?

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I think he was saying you should say that to her...to come off as a little playful, to ease the edge a bit?


If she was initially considering turning you down, maybe a little playful humor will make her rethink her decision. Playful banter goes a long way with the ladies, gentlemen.

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does she live far away or something?




This is what I sent her:

Well how long until another event? I'd like to see you again before next year.


This is her reply:

ahha yeah, every year we see each other. its an annual meeting! lol


I have no idea. I know there's this parade in d.c. in the summer that I usually attend. My dad's friends are always asking me to be a part of those kind of events, so maybe I'll see you at one of those lol! But that senior event thing before we did, if they do it again, I just might go. It was pretty cool XD! You should too!

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