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Rainy days


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You leaned, depended, and weighed on me

I replied time and time again

Comforting, reassuring, caring

We grew close, only to pull apart

A friendship barely begun is dying

I still feel bonded, in some silly way

I remember the good times that we had

The $40 worth of text messages sent during class

The endless IM's, PM's, phone calls

Struck by guilt, we cut it down

SO's do not approve. I did not approve

Such a thin line between friends and more

We nearly crossed it. I panicked, and you withdrew

Now "we" have nothing

Now you have a new life, new friends, a new girl

You don't need me anymore

You don't seem to even want me anymore

And in the end, all I've gotten

Is yet another fair-weather friend

And I am left in the dust, once again

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