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The Journey to Yonder


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Side by side on a crowded platform they stood,

Joyously anticipating the day ahead, as well they should,

Two souls adrift in separate waters, yet for now their lives were one,

As the doors shut and the whistle blew, their journey had begun.


Thrown together in a crowded compartment, they had very little to choose,

Enduring the swarming of strangers, it seemed there was nothing to lose,

But then came an unexpected smile as she noticed his weary gaze,

Perhaps a pleasant distraction from the confusion of the surrounding haze.


For about an hour he dozed, subconsciously aware her presence remained true,

A seemingly familiar face in a room full of people he hardly knew,

This voyage they were making together, an adventure into territory unknown,

She need not have spoken, for her simple presence told him he was not alone.


A slight chill meandered into the little room as day became night,

From his seat he noticed she looked pale, her skin had become a ghostly white,

With a frantic pace he hauled down his suitcase and began to rummage,

Before finally noticing the treasured blanket at the bottom of his luggage.


For a moment he was cautious as he wrapped the blanket around her shoulders,

The unwary travellers almost motionless in their sleep as the night air grew colder,

Suddenly her senses stirred as she came to terms with what she saw,

Her mind shrewd with wisdom, she’d never once felt more safe and sure.


As the morning sun illuminated the crowded little room,

The strangers awoke, hand in hand, side by side, no moment was too soon,

Their unique love was shared, no longer was there a need to ponder,

As contentedly they enjoyed the rest of the journey to yonder.

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