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Get over it or get back with him??


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From what it seems to me, you've got quite an issue here. I might have missed it in your post, and it could be obvious or already happened, but you HAVE GOT to talk to him. Let him know how you feel and that you thought the relationship was over, etc... I can't really say too much more than that. Just tell him how you feel and let him know how sorry you are... Other than that, there isn't much you can do. It seems you are the one that made the mistake, or did wrong. I hope this helped you, it probably won't but I still hope it does. I wish you the best of luck and hope everything turns out well!

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This is tricky.


One thing, I am not too sure if he's really sincere in getting back with you, OR he's into this for the money. I sure hope that it is the previous reason I mentioned.


From what you have written, I don't think that you did anything wrong. If he chooses to leave you in a pub, he has to pay the price for that. Pubs are just another veiled hunting ground for males. Part of the responsibilities of a boyfriend is 'to protect'.


Talk to him and see how it goes. You will have to make that decision come hell or high water. All the best.

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