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Why Does He Want To See You In A Bi...
Why Does He Want To See You In A Bikini?

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i have been with my boyfriend for just over two years now, i am completley in love with him and he says he is in love with me i do believe him but theres just things he does that make me feel he doesnt care

about me. when we first got together i was 15 he was 18, we didnt see each other much as my parents were quite strict and i was constantly getting grounded for comin back a few minutes late, however he

used to be with his friends all the time and get drunk and ring me sayin how much he missed me, i would then probably see him twice in the week, when i finally turned 16 a few weeks after bein together i was out

most of the time and we used to go out and get drunk together, things were ok for the first 6 months apart from my so called best friend who was madly in love with my boyfriend tryin to spilt us up but

we got through as i ended our friendship and never saw her again, one day i was on my boyfriends computer and found his msn chat log and noitced he had been speaking to his ex girlfriend, being

as nosey as i am i started to read and was so shocked at what i was reading hed been cheating on me with this girl as soon as we had got together and it stopped about 4 months later, when my boyfriend

realised what i was reading he shut the computer down and stormed out the room and dissapered, i was sat in the room fumin, i then got up and started walkin home, he got in the car drove up to me and told

me to get in which i did as i wanted to know the truth, he denyed and denyed it then suddenly wen i asked him again he admitted it, i was gobsmacked and just couldnt speak it actually didnt sink in until a few weeks

later, he cried told me he was sorry and how much i mean to him and then took me home, i later learned that had he not just cheated on me, wen he was drunk and out with his friends he was dancing, feelin up other girls, and askin my friends back to his ( when i wasnt there) apperently

he was jokin however i went on holiday with my parents the week after and before i went away i had a miscariage he wasnt there for me and

really didnt want to know so i was left to deal with it on my own, after coming back of holiday we spent alot of time together and things were good for the next year and half yeah we argued and watever but

i assumed we were happy, then i found out i was pregnant again and he told me to get rid which i did, then a month later my 5 year old neice died of meningits, i felt completley alone, i dont have a good relationship

with my family, i have no friends and only him to speak to but he just didnt care, then last august my boyfriend crashed his car and injured some people ( they are ok btw ) and ever since then i feel things have just gone down hill, he says he doesnt want to talk about it which i respect and he knows im here if he does want to talk, but he lied to me the one week

when the police asked him to go in to talk about what happened, he told me he was fixin the car at work, was only after he told me the truth i was soo angry and upset and he gave me the attitude sayin not

to start havin a go hes got enough to deal with, i just had to get over it i suppose, then every friday since hes been gettin very drunk and treatin me like crap sayin hed be better off without me, how much he htes

me, doesnt ring wen he says he will, lies to me, just shouts at me for anything, but the next day hes so sorry and doesnt mean it and i forgive him altho im fumin anout it i just let it go after a while, but its now

been every week since the crash i cant cope any more last friday it just hit me, i was at his and he went round his mates got drunk said hed be back at 10 never came back so i rang him and he said hed come bak

and well go up the pub togetehr so i said ok and half an hour later still wasnt back so i rang again and he was already there i was so angry, wen he did come back we argued and i stop him from doin things and hes not alowed girl mates etc etc so i stormed out and went to the pub myself

turned around and he was there he didnt even bother to come after me he never does he just says if thats wat i want then hes not gona change that, when the pub closed he disappered and was round his

friends so we all went round and he just sat on the seatte ignored me and when his mates walked him home i went with him and he was just tellin me to * * * * off and that hes gonna shag his ex and givin me a lot

of abuse i was so upset but went back to his to make sure he was ok, in the mornin i woke up and walked home he didnt even care just went back to sleep, then on the night i went to his and we had a convo

he was sayin he wants to go clubbin with his friends and i really dont want him to, what with the way he treats me wen hes drunk and his past record im just meant to be ok with and let him do wat he wants

but it kills me wen hes out as he just really doenst care about me, im apperntly too much of an effort, its a chore etc etc, then he was sayin we should have a week off ( a week before my birthday) and i dont want that either i just want him to love me and treat me the way i want and should be treated, wen i say im gonna leave him he just lets me go, wen im upset or angry he doesnt hug me and tell me its gona be ok he just ignores me

and doesnt bother, to me being in a realtionship means being there for each other no matter what and you dont go clubbin ( as hes said before u only go clubbin to get drunk and meet girls) and now he wants to go, i know i get very jealous but can you blame me i trusted him 99% at the start of the

realtionship and he recked that and hasnt done anything to prove otherwise, when i see him we just sit in the house and watch tele, but as soon as his friends are there hes off out with them all the time, i just wish hed do things with me, and if we ever had he just moans and wines

and he end up goin home, but i love him and cant be without him, probaly because half of me knows without him ive got no one, i dont have

friends i dont go out, i dont get on with my family, im just so stuck at what to do, do i just let him do what he wants and stay with him or do i get out and leave but thats gonna break my heart aswell, its

just wen hes out with his friends i sit there all night panickin and worryin and stupid things going through my head and it really hurts i dont think i can do that every night, i either need help or get out but i just dont


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This guy doesn't respect you. He has been cheating on you, lying to you and putting you down... NOT a good boyfriend! There are guys out there that will treat you right, but you will never have the opportunity to meet them if you stay with this guy. You may feel like being with him is better than nothing, but really... it isn't. All relationships have problems that come up that you have to deal with... but in the end they should bring you overall happiness. I cannot possibly see how you could be happy with him, he just treats you so badly. He tells you he hates you? That isn't right. And the way that he will verbally abuse you one day then be so apologetic the next... don't be suprised if he starts physically hitting you, then feeling "so bad" about it the next day. You need to dump him before it gets to that.


I think if you broke up with him you would be suprised at how much easier your life will be. You might even start getting along better with your family, and you will have more room in your life to meet some real friends.

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