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So I did it....now what????

Delusional Kisses

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I mustered up everything I had and met a guy for drinks last night. He's the guy that I've been knowing for 17 years. We've been talking on a "romantic" level since late August and we've hung out only three times over those months. Those three times were more of a situation where we just ran into each other and spent a few hours together chatting and such. We kissed once or twice...nothing more than that. He's always very affectionate when we are together...hugs, kisses on my cheek and forehead, hand holding, etc. Back in December, we were supposed to hook up and he backed out at the very last minute with little excuse for it. I was hurt and angry. I didn't hear from him until about a week and a half ago. He texted me and asked if I hated him and apologized for his behaivor. (He is bi-polar). Anyway, last night, we met up for drinks and had a blast. He was again...very affectionate and complimentary throughout the evening. We ended the night with a long hug and close-mouth kiss and he asked if he could possibly see me again today. I, of course, felt my heart in my throat already and could feel the overwhelming urge to RUN, RUN, RUN!!! But I calmed my nerves and agreed. Now, today is almost over and although I did hear from him several times, there wasn't the slightest mention of seeing me again. So...now what?

I do like the guy and he's the only person that I remotely feel the urge to be..other than the BFF. Am I just thinking about this too much? Should I just let everything fall where it may?

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Hmm, he sounds erratic... and this could be for many reasons. Maybe just keep talking with him and see where it leads - however he doesn't ask you out again within the next week, I'd say he's really playing too many games / not interested enough. Or you could just ask him out - the sooner you guys spend more time together, the sooner you will know whether you're suitable for each other.


Try to keep your options open at this stage, the more you think about this situation and analyse it, the more invested you become in something which at this stage is so early on.



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