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spot around the mouth oh no!

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it came up and i was like dam...i haven't had spots in about 18months since i went on this treatment that blasted vitimin A at them for 6 months..and then no spots at all...and girls started talking to me..fancy that?


I did the old burst the bastard and put this concealment on.. i don't know why i did because it just made it look like a herpies spot lol...


so yeah the next day it's gone yet other one appeared just above it :S they're pretty small and are not whiteheads.. just * * * * ing hurt...


I'm thinking maybe this aint a spot and is herpies but i know it can't be LOL..


i've gone through abit of an emotional ride atm...could it be down the fact of that.. that a few spots have come back because of a disbalence of hormones or somthing...

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