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I think I just did something wrong.

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My ex and I are both fans of Rome's basketball team. We bought a season-ticket this year and of course her seat is next to mine. After she lost our season-tickets, I had to go to the arena a couple minutes before the game and show my ID card in order to receive an envelope containing two free tickets.


Of course when she dumped me and I went NC, I asked the society employee to please put our tickets in separate envelopes so that she would be able to get her ticket with her own ID card.


I don't know if she's ever come to watch games since she broke up with me (I'm 99% she has not, I would have bumped into her) and if she did, she took another seat.


So basically I went to see the game this afternoon and everything was going fine, until I hear a girl calling me. It was a friend of hers, whose uncle & aunt are basketball fans just like me and sit right behind me. She asks me if she can take my ex's seat so that she's near to her uncle and I say "sure" (she's also cute and I was just thinking "aaah, I need to find a girl that likes basketball!") so she sits next to me.


Now here's where I think I made a fatal error. Keep in mind that I absolutely don't want to ever see my ex again and that I'm not wanting her back.


I ask her if she knows if my ex plans to come watch basketball in the future. I explain that I think it would be a shame to waste a free-ticket this way, and that if she is not interested in basketball anymore she could ask the employee to put her free ticket back in my envelope, so that I can come to the games with a friend (or a GIRL!!)...


Now I am beating myself up because I'm afraid this friend of my ex came to watch the game cause she got the free ticket from my ex and now it will look like I want to steal her ticket like it belongs to me!!! ](*,)


I would like to call her (the ex's friend) or IM her to tell her "hey if you used the ticket forget about what I said, I didn't think about it" but I don't have her phone/IM........I can't contact my ex 'cause breaking NC is out of the question...and I have no friends who know this girl so I can do nothing but wait and hope I didn't do a silly thing...](*,)


And what's more, all I wanted was a girl who'd watch games with me and I'm afraid I just ruined my chances by kicking away the one who was sent to me just like a gift LOL




I know that I should just take it easy 'cause it's not a big deal (guess this explains how much I'm not over my ex since I am panicking like this over something so stupid...)....

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No I really don't want to break NC and I know I will never break it...and if I wanted I could make 1000 better excuses to call her...that's not the problem.


I just fear I screwed up the chance of watching the games with this cute girl...

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