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How can I take my cheating husband back


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I forgive my husband that cheated on my but I cant forgive him!


I lived together with my husband for 7 years and we married for 5 years, we felt in love since we first met, and after 3 years together we get married and this month will be our 5th wedding anniversary.

Everything was fine between me and him, we had argument sometimes like every coulple did but we made up, we were always happy until at the beggining the beggining 2008 after we went back from holiday, my husband has given a lift to a girl from his work because she live the same city.

everyday my husband talk about her to me, about everything, about her nail paint, how many times she goes to the Tanning salon, ebout her loundry, whatever.

I just want to make everything simple!

in 2007 i asked my husband that I wanted to try for a baby and he said ok and we will try in a year time but suddenly after I waited for a year he start get stressed about it and hated me when i talk about it.

all the time he was swear, violent and always angry at me, for no reason!

we argue and fight all the time and he blamed me that I was stressing him.

all the time he always said that he went to his best friend and everytime I am working he always rush up to went somewhere.

He was upset me all the time and he wasnt happy when I am at home, he said that he happy when he went to see his friend.

when I am at home, he always go out for drive for one or two hours, he deleted all his phone records and told me so much lie.

he told me that I was paranoid, and maybe I should see a doctor to short out my depressed because I thought that maybe he is cheating on me and on Christmas day 2008, we had big fight and I wanted to go out. I had enough that he abused me all the time and i told him a lied that I cheat on him!

anyway, everything went wrong, he wasnt angry at all! normally he will going mental if I he know that I've been doing something wrong!

he was so calm and just cried.

in January 2009 I found out that he went out with the girl that he has been giving lift everyday, he blamed me for everything!

because I didnt make him happy anymore so he is spending time with this girl everyday, and now I want to move out from our flat.

everyday before I knew that he was cheat on me, he kept blame me that I make his life falling apart, he loved me so much and I cheat on him.

I told him the truth that I was only lied to him because I was suspicious that he has a woman and I wanted to hurt him because he hurt me everyday.

but he keep blame me everyday. just recently I found out that he was the one who cheat on me for long time!

everyone knows about it but me, his friend keep telling him to tell me everything because I was really upset, I thought it was true that was all my fault.

I cry every single day, I lost 5kg because I couldnt eat properly and I couldnt sleep thinking about it.

He watch me suffering and he told his friend that he wants me to cry and beg him back.

Apparently he take cocain with this girl and thats why he is happy being together, spend all his money almost everyday to buy cocain for this girl.

when he was with my he never wanted to spend his money for cocain, so I think he just buy to keep this girl happy or being with her!

he ask me back to him again and he will drop everything just to be with me, he said he love me and beg me bag and sorry for what he has done to me.

he always upset everytime he come to see me, he only come maximum 2 hours like I am only a woman that he cheat with.

I dont know if he really love me or not, but I want him back but I am so scared that in the future he will hurt me again because I forgive him.

I have been living with another man now, but I dont love him because I miss my husband and I still in love to him.

he always text me or call me when he didnt hear from me, and he wants me to stay in touch with me.

he said sorry to me and he wish that he never had a feeling for someone else!

please anyone can advise me, what should I do with this situation.

I love him so much because he is my first love and the love of my life, I really want him back to me but I am worry because he is still work with this girl and maybe he still in love to her!

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im sorry to hear what you have been going through.


you deserve so much better than how your husband has been treating you and although he is your first love, you have to realise that there is more out there...that you can do so much better and be with a man that doesnt hurt you the way he has.


if you do decide to take him back...just think, are you going to ever trust him again? everytime he is out or giving someone a ride home are you going to think he is cheating on you?

do you really believe in your heart that he is actually sorry and would never hurt you again?

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Stop focusng on a man who cheats and lies and blames you for EVERTHING.. you will never be happy with him again AND you will never trust him period. Try and focus your energies on yourself..Get out on your own and LEARN how to like yourself until you are at the point that wanting someone back like this(your husband) makes you feel physically ill..Surely you must be able to see that any possible future with your husband is doomed to fail...Take some time out and re evaluate your life...time is a great healer and to date it seems you have had very little of it to know what you really deserve and need in life.....

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