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So I've been so down recently. As much as I try to keep my chin up and be positive, I find myself becoming frustrated, angry at everything. At work the managers have had me take on more responsibility with the same pay "due to cutbacks". So co-workers have been laid off and the remaining employees are left to pick up the slack. I already had a full time job and now I am suppose to find time to do MORE.


Beyond work, my dating life is in the pits. Not only have I had a series of unsuccessful dates, but I'm having problems even finding people TO date.


For the first time in my life I feel like things are falling apart... worries about job security, lack of a love life, I'm gaining weight, my house is costing me tons of money recently, etc, etc. Just seems like nothing has been going my way recently.


Part of me just wants to give up. Not on life as far as living is concerned... just the path I'm on. But what a loss that would be... everything I've done for the past decade just written off the books... that would suck too!



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Personally, I'm glad you wrote this. I've come to realize that everyone feels this way from time to time. I once thought it was just me. You're definitely not alone.


Many times we find ourselves "stringing" things together that don't belong together. For example, work is tough and dating is tough; thereforee, everything looks bad. But imagine for a minute that work was fantastic and dating was tough. What would you do? Probably, you'd use it as an opportunity to throw yourself into your work and get ahead. Somehow, that "getting ahead" at work cheers you up, puts some money in the bank, and changes our outlook. Invariably, the dating life follows and picks up as well.


But that doesn't mean the opposite has to be true. Just because work life is tough, dating doesn't have to be. You can work on them one at a time. Why don't you do that? Why don't you focus on one or the other for awhile and let the other one go. Chances are the increased attention will improve that part and you'll see life pickup. There is no need to look at everything together and get "down" emotionally, even though it is easy to do.


Hang in there. You'll do fine. It will pick up. Economies pick up and prosperity returns. It always does. Work will come around. So will the dating life. Give yourself some time.


All the best.

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Good post Will D Ness!


As I can say is nothing is perfect and even less is permanent. If you focus on the negative, you'll just....be noticing the negative. Find a more productive way to use your time. So work is crap and your dating life is down - well then go to the gym and make sure you don't gain that weight you're worried about! If you do something, anything, to make your life a little better, it will ALL start to get better. Happiness is relevant.

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