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ex of 3 years acting weird as friends??

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I dated this girl in high school and it was an on/off relationship, but we finally called it quits. I was heartbroken, but I went NC for ~6 months and with the help of my next (now ex)girlfriend, I got over her.



It's been 3 years since we last dated. We now go to the same university and are really great friends. We hang out, talk online, etc. (Note: I don't have any emotional attachments to her anymore, and I don't think she does either)

But here's where it gets kind of weird...

we would, from time to time, go to the bars together. Now when I go with my girl friends, I would dance with all of them so it was natural for me to start dancing with her, but for some reason she feels its weird (literally says: omg, can't do this it's too weird). Now I don't want to start making this uncomfortable because I enjoy her very much as a friend and prefer it that way, but the way she acts in that situation makes me go "W.T.eff?" because to me it's perfectly normal.


Anyways, I'm just rambling on now. Just curious to see what's everyone's take on this.

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Some people don't think of dancing as a sexual precursor, while others do. When two people disagree on this, you can't just decide that the other is wrong and 'should' see it as you do--it's too visceral a feeling, and it can even be unconscious.


How about just stop trying to dance with her at bars? If that's the only weirdness, then you've resolved the only issue you've got with her. Enjoy doing other things with her instead, and just go dancing with people who enjoy it as much as you do.


In your corner.

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