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Found a girl I'd like to be friends with but how?

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5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

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I've met a girl at work who I would quite like as a friend as I don't have any female friends any more - think I scare them off! We share a lot of the same interests and she is quite witty! I'm kind of lost as how to gain her friendship though as she can be quite forward - can anyone give me their views?


I've been doing electrical work in her workplace (a public art gallery) over the past week. She is a very friendly person. She often mentions her boyfriend (who she lives with) by name in conversation, but even so she still flirts or at least that's how I'm reading her.


Without typing all day here is a summery of what she does:

She smiles when she sees me, touches me at opportunity, volunteers to escort me round the building (I have to be with someone for regulations) she gets well within my normal personal space - to whisper to me, she shows interest in what I'm doing at work - sometimes helps me kidding on she is my apprentice, gives me cheek and loves it getting returned! Makes me cups of tea and gives me biscuits! Nothing is ever a bother to her when I ask her to do something.


We've talked a lot, she's told me confidential stuff about her work - how she is getting bullied there, we talked about our childhood and what we done wrong at school. She even told me about her big birthday coming up but isn't having a celebration as such as she is shy??! We've discussed religion, politics, hobbies and even her weird boss! We talk about cooking our partners meals for them (I'm married and she is engaged) - and next week when I go back to work there she is going to make me soup for my lunch! I joke with her saying that when I'm on emergency call I'll stop by her place for my dinner she says that's fine!!


I'm just looking for more friends in life, but I'd hate her to think I'm after her romantically! -Its doing my head in:scramble: and any advice would be great. I have no one else to ask!

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Ok.........firstly, I'm not sure what advice you need bob, you have already built a friendship with this woman, and women flirt all the time, it doesn't really mean she wants you romantically.


You are married, she is engaged, if she hasnt made any attempt to kiss you, or suggested more than friends then why are you worried?

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