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Sappy Story about another teenager.


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When I was 15-16, I met this girl in a class of mine, and ever since that day I've had some sort of feelings for. I tried telling her what I was feeling about 4 months later, but she got really upset because she, unbeknown to me, recently broke up with her boyfriend. We stopped talking to each other for a while, until about a year later.


I'm an actor, so I was called in to do a part in a realistic teen drama, where I had to take advantage of a girl. My mother was in that situation, so I was kind of touchy about the subject, but I said okay. Turns out the girl I had to take advantage of was the girl I had feelings for. It was very hard to do the part, especially since we had to block the entire thing ourselves and practice it over and over again. Her, who didn't know I still liked her, was okay with these things and even had to encourage me to be rough with her during the scene, which I found very difficult to do. It was a complete nightmare, esp. since her current boyfriend and her parents were in the front row as I acted out a rape scene with their loved one, all the while having those feelings.


This took it's toll on me, since I became an emotional wreck for a while after that, but her and I haven't spoken since that play was finished, and I am now 19 years old. I wrote a letter to her telling her everything, my feelings and all that. She called me and said we should get some coffee, but it never happened. I still have incredibly strong feelings for her and it's been about 4 years. I haven't talked to her in about a year or two, so distancing myself from her isn't a problem. I've tried everything, but she still occasionally shows up in my dreams and is the thing I think about late at night when I struggle to sleep.


I seriously don't know what else to do. I've turned down other women since, because I cannot find the will to reject my feelings. I don't expect anyone to answer my problems, but after a while, nothing really seems reasonable, right?



I'm just tired of it.

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