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damn funny situations.... she had a bf but..... hahahah


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She knows i likes her.... but we are not talking much tills 1 day... i pop the question that i heard from someone that she has a Bf already so i ask her on that day whether she is attached.... she said that she does... and is on the way to meet her bf..... and i ask her for how long their relationship has lasted??? she said 1 and half years... so i just played back and talk to her like normal friends as I do not want to break up a loving couple!!!


The very next day when we chat on phone, she said that her bf has just walked out on her!!!!! Seems so fake rite>>>???? in 24 hours 1 and half year goes down da drain.... So weird!!!! what is she hinting or telling me????


She also frequently ask why do I try so hard to be her friend??? Frankly now I really am not sure what she's thinking!!! When I persuade her to go back to her bf she said that their relationship means nothing to her already!!! (I'm not sure if I can trust her) What things to hear from a girl!!!


can any1 help me to analize this?????? PLZZ!!! i am so freak out now!!!!

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Hi Sick Boy,


Thank you again for coming to eNotalone.com with your question. I hope that this site can be of your help again with your question.


My suggestion to you is, what YOU actually expect from her. You are a little unclear over that. Would you want to persuade a relationship with her? If so, what would you expect from her? What are your needs?


I think it's a little risky to jump into this without using your head first. I don't know what to think, but if she REALLY has been in a relationship for a year and a half and breaks up in 24 hours, then I would at least keep in mind that this could happen to you. I would at least ask her friendly what happened and how she feels. Do know that it also could be possible that it was going downhill with her relationship before you talked to her. I don't know... she is the key to that.


If you are sure you want to try a relationship with her, I would start to talk to her more often to build confidence. Eventually you could tell her how you feel about her, after you have made sure that you like her.


I hope this was of help to you and I wish you good luck with this.


~ SwingFox ~

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