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advice needed


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hey everyone this is my first ever post so bear with me


The guy I like who is in one of my classes asked me out just before the summer break, I didn't say yes because I thought he was joking around (he asked me from the 2nd floor of a building when I was on the ground floor in front of heaps of people, what was I supposed to think), and apparently he was shattered that I didn't say yes.


Fast forward around 7 weeks and we are back at school and me and him continue flirting in class. We sit with one of my friends who seems to be oblivious to my flirting with him. Anyway the other day she asked me if I liked him and I didn't tell her I did I just asked why? and she told me that she liked him.


She has no idea that he likes me since she was away at the end of last term.


Now I have no idea what to do, I want to be with him but I don't want to ruin my friendship, and I know she will think I 'stole' him (she has a tenancy to be over dramatic)

and it's going to be real weird for me in the class I have with them because I'm the only one who knows the full story.


what the hell do I do?


thanks for listening

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The first instance is kind of “romantic” and spontaneous. Almost like he wanted to ask before you got away or possibly in front of everyone to show he likes you…and the whole “aw” moment that you usually only notice in movies. But anyways. About your more recent situation.


I’d still go out with the guy. If you really have feelings for him, your friend should respect your past “history” with this guy as well. You’ll need to tell her if you want to salvage the friendship…but don’t let a friend hold you back from making a move on someone you care about. –It’s not like she’s dating him, she’s just interested. If she can’t respect your feelings, then it isn’t an equal friendship anyways.


To be honest. Friends come and go. But love is something worth fighting for…if you can see yourself falling for this guy, I’d go for it. Let your friend bust out her steam and hold a grudge. But in all seriousness…he’s interested in you, and vice versa.


Yes, she will give you a hard time. But eventually, if she’s really a true friend…in time she’ll heal over the fact you went for something you already had feelings for…before she ever admitted to them.


Course some girls wouldn’t date the guy…out of respect for their friend…but they’re also the ones that end up in “depressing” relationships as well, funny enough…cause they settled for some other guy. Lol


But I don’t see the harm in telling her that you and him have a “past” connection, and your going to date him…or ask him out. And that you hope she can respect that you care for him…and your sorry that you found out she likes him as well…but you can’t let this chance of dating the guy you’ve liked longer…pass.


However you do tell her, be sincere and supportive to your reasons. Give her the history-of him asking you out and how you thought it was a joke…but you would’ve said yes then if you knew otherwise…but now since your back in school…the two of you have been getting closer again (flirting) and want to take it up a notch to dating…She’s going to react however she wants. Even possible saying you stole him…but whatever she thinks. Just be nice to her and enjoy the fact you have a guy that seems to be highly interested in you.

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