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I guess it's a good problem to have


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but I'm still wondering about it.


I've been seeing someone for about a month/5 weeks. I've known him for about 3 months but we didn't really start going out until a month ago. He's a really great guy. Like, every. single. thing. you could ask for. I really like him, so none of this on it's own is a problem.


The "problem" that I'm wondering about is that he does soooo many nice things


1) We hadn't been seeing each other long on Valentine's Day- we went out to a really nice restaurant that I know was spendy, he bought me a dozen red roses. Oh and we seen a movie, too.

2) We went to a bar once, the singer walked around to each table lol, I asked him if he could play a certain band- the next time I seen him he brought me a CD of theirs.

3) We've went to some really nice restaurants in a near by town.

4) When I go to his house, he fills my car up with gas.

5) He's brought me to 2 different bed and breakfast places for a weekend night getaway.

6) He made me dinner at his house one night. And bought wine.

7) He ALWAYS calls the next day after seeing him and tells me what a great time he had.


Okay- my problem: I dont know what to do for him!! I feel like he's spending more than he needs to on me. He's SO detailed.. he thinks of everything (but I can see that he is with the rest of his life, too)


I know that kind of sounds like a lot of stuff (in my opinion) for 1 month...


I can see that he's very much a go getter, busy kind of person who really likes life to be really full... he has a lot of friends and family he has really good relationships with, so I dont feel like he's just working overly hard to impress me or anything because I see him doing things for other people, too.


I do, do things for him, but I dont "spend money" on him beyond, "hey, I made dinner, I'll bring it to you this time." Or piddly stuff.


Am I suppose to start telling him he doesnt have to bring me to a bed and breakfast kind of place? I mean, really, that's unnecessary (not that I'm ungrateful, it's been fun as hell) or like, "Hey we could go eat at some casual place" "Noooooooooooooooooo, you don't have to do stuff for me"




I've never been woo'd off my feet before and I don't really know how to respond.


I know someone will probably say like, "How about saying thank you, I had a really great time, that was sweet." or something... and I do. I just... dunno, he makes me feel like it's an honor to spend time with me and I want to do the same back for him.

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