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Can something positive come out of something bad?


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Basically, I got involved with a guy a few months ago. We were just really close friends and I wasn't interested in a relationship, so we became sort of FWBs (it was two months before we had actual sex, though). However, he got involved with another girl around this time - and I was jealous, but okay with it. They were just sleeping together, though she wanted more, but he wanted to keep things casual. Eventually, they started going out properly, and me and the guy we just friends for a while, but then inevitably things happened again. A couple of weeks into their 'relationship', he broke up with her. I'd always acted casual, saying I just fancied him and didn't want anything more. But then, we both admitted we really liked each other and that we'd probably be together by now if it wasn't for circumstances. A couple of weeks later, he asked me out and now we're exclusive.


This is the first time he's cheated, but other girls have cheated on him in the past.


I know all the rules say it can't work because it was a sort-of affair. But those sorts of rules also say FWBs never evolve into relationships, and that guys don't get into relationships with girls they've already slept with.


All the signs are saying he's really into this, and it sounds stupid but I have pretty good intuition. And with our level of compatibility I feel this could really go somewhere. I don't want to ruin that with paranoia etc, but for obvious reasons I am wary. I don't see why he'd end things with that other girl and become exclusive with me unless he meant it.


I know I'm going to get all sorts of negative opinions. But surely it's best for me to just stop being paranoid and throw myself into this - I really want to - because maybe it COULD go somewhere good.



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you never know what can happen... you really never know.


I understand being fearful..TRUST ME.. i understand.


but the best advice i can give you is to enjoy where you are in this moment.. don't worry about the past or the future...


you made the decision to be with him, you want to be wit him... now commit to that decision.

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try to make the best of it, and hope that his cheating on the other chick was a one time deal not to be repeated with you.


Although keep it in your mind that he is CAPABLE of cheating... not to say that he will do it again, but he has it in him to do it. So if he starts acting shady... dont be oblivious to the possibilities.

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