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Ex making contact while I am at work...

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I haven't posted here in a while so I will fill you in. I am letting my ex maintain a relationship with my son that she helped raise for 7 years. She took him out to dinner last night while I was at the gym.


My son while he was with her mentioned something that I said about a month ago about her new boyfriend. She took him (my son) out to dinner one night and told my son all about her new boyfriend, don't know why she would do this? My son told me that she said that he was only as tall as my ex. so I made a quick reply and said yes he is a tiny guy and that he would be taller than him in two years. Wrong I know I shouldn't have said it but I did and it is over now.


He mentioned this to my ex last night while out to dinner. I don't know why he waited this long to say it maybe he is upset with her for leaving I don't know?


She sent me a text message at work today asking me where he heard it from and I told her it was me a month ago. I then mentioned that she has no right to talk about her new guy to my son when I made it very clear that It was not apropriate. I asked her why she waited until today to tell me about it when we talked last night when she dropped him off? I told her if it was really that important that she would have discussed it in person with me last night when we were talking right?


I only made the coment at the time because I was angry that she talked to my son about him. This was a month ago I let it go without even telling her it made me angry at the time.


What is her reasoning for contacting me at work?


Why when I admit I was wrong and I was does she then get all happy with me and starts chating about random stuff?


I think she really just wants to talk to me and this is her excuse to make contact out of the blue. What do you think?


I have noticed she is trying to make herself look alot better when I am scheduled to drop off my son why? For example she watched him the other morning for me while I went to the gym. She was in full makup and dressed up at 8:30 in the morning she never did this before weird right? This is not the only instance of her weird behavoir. She invites me into her house and makes a point to show me her phone and touches my palm when she hands it to me and gets in real close. Getting kind of affectionate why?


I am talking to another girl now and am over my ex. why the change? Is what they say true they only want to come back once you finally move on?

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lol sounds like it... what to do? what to do?



Yeah things are different with her and with me. I am going to keep talking to this other women. We have only been on one date and my ex doesn't know about it. We have worked out together a few times and we are in the process of scheduling a date for this weekend we both have busy schedules so finding time can be touph.


I do not plan on telling my ex because first of all it is none of her business, and also I thought it was rude when she told me about her boyfriend all of the time when I was still healing.


If my ex does actually want to give it another go with me then she will have the same shot as the new women. Because as we all know the old relationship is over and in order to get back with an ex it has to be a totally new relationship. That means starting from scratch again.

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Dream about your ex
Dream about your ex


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