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need a friend ASAP!!

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5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

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Here is my story:


My bf and I broke up 6 days ago. At 1st we lived in two different cities/areas..about 40 min away from each other. We decided it will make more sense if I'll move in with him,find a job here and start building my life here. I loves this little town.

Like as I said we broke up and now I have no friends in this area at all,plus I'm at the age when it gets harder to meet ppl(I'm 25) I work at the dr's office and for the most part my co-workers are between ages 35-65 so there is no way we can hang out after work. I do have 2 good friends who live an hour away from me,plus they're busy with their own lives at the moment I live with the roommate approximately my age,but she's Asian and bearly speaks english


So my biggest question: how do I meet people in the new city..I've never done this before,so its something new to me.


Your help is appreciated!


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maybe you two could find some social events around your area, like a local club or something? would be fun to go around meeting people that way

Unfortunately,there is no way we can be friends,she's very reserved and quite... I tried talking to her couple times,she's not interested.


What do people like me do? When they move to different cities,countries...?? I'm very discouraged


Thanks for your reply!!

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i know how you feel. i'm in a similar boat and it's driving me crazy! where are the places for us twentysomethings to meet new people besides meetup?




Thank you for your reply.. At least I don't feel so lonely anymore do you think meet up dot com is a good place to meet girl friends? I'm looking for a 2nd job right now and hoping to work as a waitress or something like where would be possible to find ppl my age that might become my friends eventually.


Seriously,I don't know where to go... And when I'm ready to date again where do I go? With whom? Even just to get out... On the weekends or after work??? I can't go by myself to a bar(it looks pretty desperate)


So frustrating!

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I have heard of meetup, but it's mainly for women with many kids?


Well, I thought it was a social group for ANYONE. Hmmm.. that's too bad,


I don't live in a big town either. I'm sort of in the same boat. Have you tried just doing stuff you like to do.. say.. bowling, darts, pool, swimming, that sort of thing. I know I know, save the pool billiarrds thing, it's not a nightlife kind of thing.. but it would get you out of the house. You can join like billiards tournmaents that meet weekly or a bowling league... Can you join a health club? That would get you out in public and probably wiht ppl more your own age.


It's hard to meet other single people.. We got throught da same thing too.

I had thought that link removed was a good avenue. Sad to hear it is not really!


I don't know anyone here. I heard of someone mentioning meet link removed, but I'm in such a small, tiny town. The only meet up groups are for women with a ton of children. But maybe if your in a bigger city or if they do Canada it may work.
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Hi there,


There's lots of ideas, especially in a big city. Don't get discouraged. Have you tried craigslist? There is a section on there called Strictly Platonic. Many interesting ads there. If you go to my blog I posted an article called 50 Places to Meet People At...hope you can find some ideas there. Good luck!

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