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Is this a hint?


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Hello eNotAloners,


So yesterday two special agents came to my work and seized something in the building. I had talked to both of them but paid more attention to the lady agent and had at least three good laughs with them. When they left the lady agent turned and waved me good bye.


(someone rented a box and left something in there, they have the person's name & cooperation)


Today she came back because she had forgotten the search warrant at my work. I did not make small talk because I was busy but I did make her smile with a certain remark.


Before she left she handed me her business card saying that if we needed anything to call her. The thing is she works for naval criminal investigation and I don't see how it has to do with anything or anyone here. And besides that, why didn't she leave her card with my manager yesterday when she was helping them?


Should I call her up?


ps. she is about 10 years older than me and I like older women

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Or she could just be using you as bait, to get more story to your company's reason for being seized.


Seems a bit paranoid .. I think it was pretty innocent. Go for it man .. ask her out too dinner or coffee sometime. That's what I would do

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If she's involved in a criminal investigation with your company, I would think it's unethical, and could cost her her job to get involved with any employee of that company.


I agree with this. However, I think she's giving him her business card as an undercover. She could potentially use him as an insider to get information.

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hmmm I kind of don't think it was a hint. You could still call her & give it a try but don't be shocked if she really did give you her business card for business purposes. Like someone said, it might be unethical for her to get involved with you, depending on the circumstances of her business with your company.


Or, she might not have considered you romantically but if you called her & invited her out, she might. Might as well give it a try; you've got nothing to lose.

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you should be careful.. maybe she meant for you to pass the business card to your manager?

tell you what.. you need another hint.. commit a crime in your company, make sure she's covering it and see if she gives you any signals this time


lol I'm sure there are better ways to get her attention...

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As long as you don't call her on company time or with a company phone, what have you got to lose?


In your corner.


yeah, use your cell phone for sure.


i'd call.


'hi, this is _____ from ______.'


'oh yeah hi.'


'i think we should meet up and grab some coffee sometime. my treat.'


something like that. i'm pretty straight forward.

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