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My friendship of 16 years...how can I make it better?


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This is about one of my oldest best friends... I hadnt seen her since the past 5-6 years and we keep in touch thru IM and email. Last year I found out she would be in town, we were excited to meet and when I picked up her, it did not go as planned.

The entire time she kept commenting on and on and on about how much I have changed. And that I wear "alot" of makeup, and about how my hair looks etc...

It bothered me but I tried to avoid it from getting worse by going ahead with the plans we made, we were supposed to go around town. Aftr she left, I tried communicating with her but I felt she kept blowing me off! She missed my birthday and when I finally caught her online and asked her about her behavior she said I hurt her feelings!!!

I was and am pretty surprised because I dont understand! She felt that I was distant and didnt pay attention to her (she said she came to see me and not to go sightseeing)and that I was not the person she knew...

Am I missing something?

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It seemed like she couldnt get over how much I changed, I dont know if she was being insulting, I felt insulted but she has always been outspoken. I know her since 3rd grade and I am 23 now. The last she saw me, I was in high school. Alot of things have changed...even she looked different.

We did make plans, so yea, I am not sure why that upset her.

Another comment she made was that I was busy watching TV instead of talking to her?!?!?

The only reason I turned the TV on was so that she doesnt get bored while I was COOKING for HER!!!

I asked her wat she wanted to watch!?! If she was feeling that I was being disinterested she could have said something?!?!

Was I insensitive and dont see it?

Should I just apologize to her or try to reason?

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