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Lost heart mind connection in the world?

top bloke

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What has happened to the world? Desensitization of feelings from the mind and heart.. I read about guys pushing their women to look at others.People resorting to porn to get turned on to go to their partner.. people losing their self worth for what? For a trick of the mind.. an illusion of momentary passion which can kill societies glue of trust. People who dont value their families..respect themselves and abandon their thoughts to a material world which is but a passing illusion of now,the past and a future of no real certainty.... People losing their faith in themselves running a mad gauntlet of material wealth which never satisfies an empty soul.

I wonder how many have realised that all we truly have is but one sweet moment to catch..as time goes by..

All we are is a spirirt flesh and blood..How will you reach out to make someone smile today? What will you do to give hope? What will we do to guide each other with what humanity we have left? Why dont we protect our spirits from self destructive thought as we sail that ship into nowhere..and still I can bask here in the now..knowing I can make a difference to this world..but one man..one energy..one soul..a force of good movement in others lives..with hope that I can uplift the dead spirits of the living who have forgotten what the good of this life is.it is to shine..be an example..be the best you can..have a clean soul by shielding our thoughts from temptation evil and the forces which play on our minds to destroy our faith.

The state of the world plays on my mind..have people forgotten the good in mankind that the main focus is self destruction?Self degradation? I do not know.

Amazingly the answers are so simple ...have faith..protect your spirits help a friend..love..be kind and never think you deserve to be treated second best.Think of good things that they can manifest themselves inside your hearts.

The world depends on us for our true humanity to shine and yet ...we ultimately have the choice..

I dont know why I posted this? I felt a compelling urge to get this out..Maybe I can see wars looming and mothers..fathers have failed society by not teaching their children the value of self respect and love...

So here I stand ..emotionally naked..stripped...just a truth form my mind..if you will criticise it..If you will embrace it ..whatever you do ..I am posting with caring loving attutde for you all and hope it makes sense..


Respect..honour..love..sacrifice..faith the values I have dearest to my heart..

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I agree with your frustrations at the futility of modern life. You ask why it is this way- I have often thought about that and I think a large part of the answer is the media. As wonderful as glossy magazines and cable TV are- they leave us with an undercurrent of thinking that the rich and beautiful are the only ones that have it "going on". Being aware of this tendency can help to negate it, but if we are unaware it eats into our subconscious.


Have you seen the Calvin Klein ad in the front of the March 2007 Rolling Stone? this is the kind of magazine our youth look at- it has a make out session with 3 guys and a topless girl, all languid and drugged looking. Seeing this kind of thing over and over kind of desensitizes us to it and eventually it seems the norm. Also I think today's reality TV shows are horrible. They are watched by teens and even younger, and they teach a lot of really low morals.

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The money hungry moguls laugh at our pain and induce more by the media'advertising trying to give a corrupted view to destroy the family unit for profit. A money hungry wolf..the devil may care!! A force of manipulation on many levels..all while trying to weaken our minds morals and hearts so that they can prosper at our friends,childs and peoples expense with their disease..

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Great post. And I often get on the same "soapbox" if you will and wonder why our world has turned so cruddy lately! It makes me sad. Our parents taught us values, but we neglect to teach to our young'uns. I do agree, the media, and corporate greed, shallowness, it's all about the "image" we present, has turned our souls to stone in a sense!

Maybe it's just that all a phase that humanity goes thru Top bloke. You reckon? That some decades we try our hardest to be kind to others, then other decades it's an "all about me" syndrome. History repeats itself you know.


Makes me think up this Poem: Original@copyright 2009 by CrosstownTraffic


We are all going thru this thing called life

Let's all get on now, and not cause needless strife


For one day all too shall pass, be gone in a blink of the eye

And then it will be too late to even say goodbye!


For all the fuss and fighting, we are all one in the same

We all have struggles, we all must play the game


If only we could look beyond the difference in our smiles

Our compassion could blanket the globe and cover the miles


So, look upon your fellow human as a friend, not a foe

If we all work together, there's no telling where we'll go!


sorry, i hope I haven't bothered you with this poem, when I don't get much sleep, strange thoughts pop into my head. You all have a wonderful day.


I think that's really what I really love about this site, the compassion that some people give to others on here. I've always been brought up to try help others, if I could. I just makes me feel good.


How do we change this crazy direction our society is on though Top Bloke?

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Well, maybe that's the rub. the devil is behind it all. "the media'advertising trying to give a corrupted view to destroy the family unit for profit. A money hungry wolf..the devil may care!!"


We have taken the 10 commandments and thrown them under the bus. People look on church going folks as "weird" and right wing! We don't value our families. We divorce more now than any time in history. The kids see the fallout of all this, and grow up not trusting they will have a sustainable relationship either!

I cringe when I think what type of values we've taught the young children now. I was in a book store the other week and there was a young couple. I'm not sure they were married but they had a young child about 3 or 4 years old with them. Their child was making all these crude references to woman's bodies, and I swear it was like the kid was being exposed to stuff he never should of been. It was very disturbing. Plus he was screaming his head off, but the parents never bother to tell the child to calm down and be quiet. This went on for hours, mind you!

The parents of children, nowadays just do not want to teach their kids any good values, respect, courtesy, modesty, etc. I can only imagine what kind of world we will have once these kids grow up!

Maybe we ought to start a revolution and insist the schools start teaching the children good morales instead of how to work a computer!!

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Thanks for your input guys . Theres just so much one can do but if everyone went back to basics alot of these problems would not occur. I have studied ancient history and the patterns are clear ..decline of civilisations are typified by an absense of morals and a clear acceptance of those actions which dissipate the soul. Religion is a good thing but again .the power moguls interfere with and try to use it for promoting evil intenetion..hence the holy wars. There is nothing holy about a war with blood and murder. The holy war is the way I have described above. Using thinking to promote well being in ones soul and others.

It is funny how many people can seem ashamed of hearing some spiritual healing and yet they can justify cheating lying watching porn..etc. Why not get in touch with your chosen religion and dwell on peace? It seems that the legal notion of responsible government via censorship of media is non existant as well. I suppose in essense posting this is a reminder to be stronger inside.to make better choices..and forgive. Holding hate for others offences stops us moving forward....if you have these emotions just saying I forgive you feels a release of burden from our chests. Its easy to be angry when we dont forgive..anger breeds a negative attitude which further spirals down..forgive...yourselves them and move on with a new attitude.. By dwelling on past problems we cant move forward..start living in the now...












































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Goood teachings come from home. We cant rely on the power mongers to promote our self respect . But we can choose what we read in magazines..we can choose to turn off ridiculous movies we can make a step towards a gentler healed soul just by really wanting it.

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Well, that's why so many parents now homeschool I guess. Yeah, it's about choices! That's a good thing to remember.

We make horrible choices now! That's the problem. And for what? Convenience? B/c others do it? Gotta give your kid the latest cell phone with the text messaging gadget cuz ALL the other kids have it? Gotta let your bf go to the strip show with the lap dances, cuz that's considered "acceptable" now!

I don't know. i think i'm very old school, the things people do now shock me! We don't encourage people to behave with any sense of decency in many cases! The more over the top a celebrity is in his/her private life, etc, the more we adore him/her! It's okay to be letting it all hang out, in more ways than one.

What has happened to modesty in our society? Has that all gone out the window?

How do the high school kids now feel about themselves now? Are they expected to be all "glam" or look like you could be a lady of the evening, just walking out for a date or a day at school? I see so many little teenage girls running around now, they're dressed like little prostitutes! Do their parents even see what they are wearing when they leave the house?

I think the internet, with the digital phone & digital camera and the ability to download photos instantly has really helped contribute to this Top Bloke. Cuz you can do what you wish with no instant repurcussions.

You are right about past civilizations. Rome was a great nation at one point, but their morales went down the tubes. I see the same thing happening to our nation, but people keep SCREAMING, oh, let's all be so LIBERAL! Anything goes!! Well, it's not a matter of being liberal, per se, it's a matter of self-preservation. If you let your daughter go off with the guy who's perving porn all the time, who's to say she's gonna be safe, or even come home at all?

We are discouraged from making any kind of judgement calls at all, like we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for thinking for ourselves, instead of going along with the status quo.

The holy wars, wow, I just read this comic that was going into great detail all the corruption surrounding the Vatican. It was amazing! I was like, No way, this happened! I'm sure it probably did. I like history too, that was one of my favorite subjects in school!


If we do not pay attention, history WILL repeat itself. We are so awashed with the splendor and magic of one's ability to give an "eloquent" speech! But what is contained in the words of that speech? Will it help our nation or lead us to our destruction? So what the person is wearing the latest style! That does not mean they are a person we should admire!

Appearance is everything now! I have never seen society be so shallow as it is now. who knows, maybe I wasn't paying any attention though!

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Society seems to go in cycles but the weapons have reached a point of no return. Yes indeed the end of suppression of the christain faith in rome was marked by King Constantine in approxiamtely 400ad.He saw an opportunity to use christianity for political control.The christians were growing in numbers and hence the launching of the religion today. The first christians hid in the catacombs of rome and were spread around the world from pentecost when the disciples went to egypt,greece and a few other countries. This was well before constantine. Its pure form had already taken growth in many countries before this. So yes it was used by rome for this reason.Whatever the history though there are many good lessons to be learnt in the scriptures but people dont find it very fashionable.In recent times we have seen the new wave singing churches.I suppose as long as the message gives people the hope then it is a good thing.

I just noticed how easily too many wonderful folks here just dont know where theyre heading when then they really need to focus on good and a movement towards it.Keeping in mind that a lighter heart and clearer mind will result from focusing on the things that really get us out of the rut of our negative thinking and actions.

The other thing is simply having good intentions for other people..

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well, isn't that what the bible is based on. Do unto others as you would have done unto you? Jesus came upon the earth to teach the people who were living wrong the ways to live right. There are other religions though that teach people to be kind to others. I am not sure that I feel only christians will be allowed in heaven. I sort of have a problem with that idea.

You know the saying, Love the sinner, but hate the sin. But now it's not OKAY to speak out if someone is doing something wrong. Then we are called judgemental, etc.


Well, this argument could go on for days. Fun thread though. I gotta get cleaned up...

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