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homesick loser looking for support


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so i am officially the biggest loser in the world. currently i am writing this from one of the most beautiful places in the world. my friend and i have come to mexico for spring break. this is my 3rd time here - and for the 3rd time i have decided i am not a good traveller.

literally the entire trip i am filled with anxiety and worry...missing things at home. missing things at home i barely care about when i AM at home. im desperately home sick, and i'm on friggin SPRING BREAK. Not to mention I have spent waaaayyy too much time worrying/missing/thinking about my ex. I texted him one of the first nights i got here mentioning how i thought it was so beautiful here/romantic and i wished it was him and i together here. he didn't message me back...as if he i needed more confirmation that he isn't interested in getting back together.


i'm not sure if i'm looking for advice, but i didn't know where else to turn. i feel like SUCH a loser. i'm in mexico, its spring break, its beautiful...maybe i'm just not a good traveller (although i'd rather not expect that as such)...maybe i'm still desperately in love with my ex (again, rather not expect).

maybe spring break just really isn't my thing.


my friends and i have always dreamed of travelling, and actually done some planning, but i'm thinking now it can't happen. clearly i can't be away from home for more than a few days. that really sucks.


does anyone else get home sickness like this??

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Moving to Mexico.
Moving to Mexico.


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