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I m Panic plesae help me


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hi all,


plesae let me tell you about myself first of all.

i am 26 educated bold and strong lady.problem is that i a am married to a man 6 months ago to whom i met online somehow. he seems very innocent sweet and kind person to me although he was not much educated and is a average looking man after 2 month of telephonic friendship we decided to get married and it happened so fast.he wanted me to quit my job ( i was earning very good that time) reasoning that i would move to him(abroad) in next 2 months so he wants me to stay with my inlaws.

after marriage he stayed with me for 20 days.in thoes 20 days i found that he is not like me for example i am very confident girl but he very shy i m romantic and he is very practical and so many other diffrences.


his father is like a dictator in home. i m only daughter in law in that house and all of them want me to change myself according to thier wishes and my husband is with them.

there is no one there to whom i can share my pains problems and worries.

i can not even talk to my mother because this marriage was my decision. my parents were not much happy for this marriage.


i dont know wat to do. when i talk to my husband regarding this he simply turns his mood off and eventally i get upset as if i am complaning wrong.


i left my job and it is very hard to find another good job even my in-laws and husand dont want me to be financially independent.point he give is that i have to go to him (but when i dont know)


my husband says that he loves me but i irretate him so very much.


i dont know wat to do


plesae advice something

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I agree, you rushed into it before really knowing him and his family sound awful. I think you should leave if you can, can you see any way out? OR you could try explaining how you feel to all of them and that you want to be your own person and this is what you're like. You sound like a nice person who is independent, if they dont like that, then thats their problem, then leave. Good luck

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