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help :(


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Hi Brandon,


It looks like you are a little shy. Is this the first time you have this feeling for a girl? Is this the first time that you ask a girl? For everything there is a first time. I admire your courage to come to here with your question. I think you are very brave.


Paingirl had a good suggestion, although I personally think it might be a better idea to tell her in person. You don't need to tell her right away that you REALLY like her. Start to make her a few compliments and see how she responds. Take it from there


I have seen you writing that she has foster parents and that you are afraid she would move away. Life has funny turns, Brandon, but I wouldn't worry over "what if?", because your still so young. Anything can happen. She might as well stay around.


Good luck ...


~ SwingFox ~

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