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I miss the ex...and I want to tell him

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Hi everyone--


I would like some opinions. My ex and I broke up about two years ago. We dont speak and have run into each other only on a few occasions. I am dating and he is in a relationship although I dont know how serious it really is.


I miss him and I would like to tell him that...


I am not contacting him to try to get back together. I am contacting him because I care about him. I have been through so much since we have been apart and I am not the same person. And I dont know who he is either. However, I still miss the guy I remember.


There was enough pain during the breakup to last for a lifetime and I dont want to open old wounds but, I truly am at a point where I realize that if he still wont talk to me after all this time then that really has nothing to do with me.....


We have so many mutual friends and it would just make things so much easier if we could try to get to know each other again as friends.


Has anyone had any success opening up contact after a long period of NC?


Thanks as always....

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In my opinion, if he hasn't made any mention of wanting to repair a friendship with you, then it's probably not worth pursuing. As DN mentioned, him being in a relationship complicates things and will have adverse affects. I honestly don't think his current girlfriend would appreciate him hanging around with his ex.


Not to say that this is always the case. My ex and I are absolute best friends, and our spouses have no problems letting us hang out together all day (and sometimes well into the night), but then again, we're both in very stable, trusting relationships. It also helps that we both pretty much told them that if they had any intention of trying to dismantle our 10 year relationship, it was pointless. J and I deciding to at least keep a friendship going was a mutual decision-- he didn't butt into my life, and I would never have dreamed of butting into his. If he'd wanted me out of the picture (and I gave him plenty of chances to make that happen), then I would step aside out of respect and love for him. I suggest you do the same.

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If you want to contact your ex, contact your current boyfriend first and see what he thinks of the idea. Im sure when you explain what you just said he will be totally understanding


I think you are just asking to open a can of worms there, one that isnt going to do anything to help your current relationship at all. And if your ex was truly a good friend, or worth keeping in your life you would have stayed in contact. Also, if you have both changed, or are not really the same person as before... then why bother at all. Just forget the ex.. out of sight out of mind.

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