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Cant really tell...


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ok, there is this girl i know that ive known for a little more than a year now, she is quiet and shy, but latley since we hav been talkin more, she is startin to loosen up and talk alot more, me and my friend invited her to come hang out at a park in our neighbor hood, jus to hangout. and ever since then weve been hangin out more, shes been over to my house and we tickle each other and wrestle a bit, but i cant tell if she likes me, shes on of those girls who look like hav no emotions, and another thing, for some starange reason, girls really lik to hit me...im not mean or anything, they jus find it fun i guess, but i think their goin a lil overboard latley, this one girl bit me six times!!! and all my friends that r girls lik to pinch me, so i would lik to also know what all that means...

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Hey penguin,


Welcome to eNotalone.com and thank you for sharing your questions with us. I see that you have two questions, so let's get started here.


As far as the young woman is concerned, I would chat up with her and talk to her over how you feel. It looks like that you are not really shy. Take her apart and start to communicate with her. Vary compliments with words of how you feel about her. Then listen to her


As far as you getting kicked, smacked and pinched. If you put up with it, you're becoming an easy victim... *grins*. Grab them in a block position and let them go nowhere, before they tell you that they won't do it anymore or... tickle them to death. Works for me!


I hope this helped you. I wish you good luck


~ SwingFox ~

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