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Ex getting jealous??

Dream about your ex
Dream about your ex

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Been broke up with my ex for 3 months now. She ended it.


Since then we have been in regular contact, and LC.


She sends me a text 3 weeks ago saying that shes been having sex with people. I went NC ever since that point.

I used those 3 weeks very well. Getting on with things, and going out alot. Basically having a good time. As it made me see my ex in a different light.




A few days ago i find out that it wasnt her that sent that message. Turns out one of her so called friends got hold of her phone without her realising, and sent it to me. Without my ex knowing.

I found all this out from her mum as we get along well. She said that my ex went ballistic at her friend because it wasnt true, and for sending it to me in the first place. She also wondered why she hadnt heard from me in 3 weeks.


So we are talking now, and im fine with it. Im in a slightly better place right now, than i was a month or 2 ago.

But ive posted on facebook (yes the dreaded facebook) my pictures from my last 3 weekends out.

In the pictures im having a good time with mates, in some there are pictures of me with some girl friends of mine, and some pretty girls as well.


A day after i posted the pictures, my ex's status says

"overwhelmed with jealousy, it really hurts"


To confirm its to do with my pictures, a friend of her asks why?


and she says

"Pictures and my ex, arrrgh. I dont know why it bothered me. It was me that broke it off"




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First off, why didn't your ex contact you the minute she found out her friend sent that text? Something sounds really off about that. Secondly, even dumpers can get consumed with jealousy when they realize the person they broke up with has moved on and is happy without them. Do not let that alone be an indicator of anything other than she is jealous. To be honest if she tries to get back together just yet I'd be leary of it because jealousy has a way of pushing an ex back to a person but it is driven purely by the jealousy and not always a real desire to make it work. I have heard of this happening a lot - the jealousy brings them back, couple gets back togehter, and after a short time the dumper realizes they really did want to be broken up and the dumpee has to go thru it all over again.


I personally think that the jealousy and the lack of hearing from you for three weeks (she was likely pretty jilted knowing you didn't come running to get an explanation over that text) caused her to really get scared that she sent you that text so now she is trying to say it wasn't her but a friend. Now come on, why on earth would a friend do this? What motivation would there be? And she could easily convince mom to go along with all of this....


I think this girl's crushed ego is the biggest motivation and my gut feel tells me she DID send that text and is now waffling because it didn't move you a bit... and I would stay in NC. She doesn't know WHAT she wants and i would leave the NC the way it stands. Please konw her behavior is not uncommon at all in these situations. People dump someone then when they see that person is happy and moved on they are consumed by this jealousy but the jealousy is NOT an indicator that you should make a go of it again.

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Thanks for your reply JS

Yes, i understand what your saying about the jealousy.


Well, i had been doing some building repair work round my ex parents house. My ex dosnt live there anymore, she moved out in sept to finish off at uni. I had agreed to do the work before we split up. Her mum and i get along really well. I cant see how she would go along with something like that, she dosnt come accross as that sort of person. But hey i could be wrong. Her mum said she never found out she had sent it until several days ago, and my ex didnt know what to say to me. But she has apologised.


Talking of her friend. I know she can be a bit of a B****, she even stole some of my ex's clothes, so i dont know how she can even call her a 'friend'. So i could really see her doing that.


Im just going to do keep doing what im doing. Its funny how they get jealous over things like pictures when they are the ones that end it. Im off out again this saturday.

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I think the tale of her friend doing that is a very tall one. Why would she do that? And why didn't she tell your ex she had at the time she did it? And how did your ex found out that she did after all that time? And why was it left for her Mom to tell you?


And I agree that her facebook comments are a far cry from wanting you back.


Go out this Saturday and have fun - and hopefully find a new girlfriend.

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I had to go round her parents house to pick up some money last night. I was there for 15mins or so.

She was there, and she seemed very shy, and went bright red as i walked into the room.


Anyhow, i leave. Then about an hour later, she texts me saying.


"You look really good, hope your ok"


I simply replied with thankyou and i am fine. Then she texts me back and says.......


"I miss you, but i know you have moved on"





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