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So about 3 weeks ago me and a couple friends drank way too much, and thought boxing would be a good idea. Obviously a stupid idea, and me and a buddy proceeded to bash the crap out of each other. I passed out that night, with my head in the toilet, and woke up in my bed the next morning. This was on a Wednesday night. Thursday, I obviously felt like complete crap, drank pretty heavy Friday, and Saturday night had a REALLY weird feeling before I went to bed. I think it may of been a panic attack. But previous to us boxing, I'd get these weird feelings like a minor earthquake when I'd be laying in bed, but there was no earthquake. Kind of felt like a body, inside mine, was shaking for a couple seconds, but my body wasn't moving.

It got really bad that Saturday night, and I freaked myself out. I finally ended up going to sleep, and throughout the next day I'd get that same earthquake feeling randomly. The following night, I got the same feeling when I laid down, but calmed myself down before panicking, and again fell asleep. I went to the doctor Monday, and after taking my blood, checking my blood pressure and all that jazz, he told me he *thought* it was alcohol withdraws.

Since this last summer I have been drinking quite a bit. Pretty much every night, 5-6 beers. After the boxing incident a few weeks ago, I stopped drinking except one night on the weekend. And a couple weeks later, I'm still having that same feeling. And it's really starting to freak me out. My balance is off at times, I get a dizzy/nausea feeling, and just feel overly dazed in my head. I know a couple recovering alcoholics and they have all said this isn't something they went through. I realize everyone is different, but I'm 95% sure it isn't withdraws.

A lady at work told me it could be a Vertigo in my ear. She said she felt the same way when she had hers until they put her on meds to get rid of it. I've tried scheduling another appt at the clinic I go to, but they weren't open today. I'm going to call early tomorrow morning, but this is really freaking me out. Hopefully I'll get in tomorrow afternoon, but until then I'm hoping someone has a clue as to what this could be.

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