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What on earth just happened?


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I met this guy through some friends at school, he was nice, we talked a bit, got along well, yadda yadda. We ended up adding each other on facebook and have been chatting a bit on there. I thought we seemed to be getting along well - joking, flirting, talking a good amount - until today he says this:


Him: Are you done yet? (regarding a book I'm reading for homework)

Me: haha, good one

Him: How about now?

Me: almost

Him: now?

Me: no, i lied, im not even close

Him: I hate it when they do that...

Him: I try to finish at the same time

Him: jk

Me: ?

Me: i get the feeling something just went over my head lol

Him: It's ok, it was a inuendo...

Him: I don't think I spelled that right

Me: ohhh...hahaha

Him: wow....

Me: shut up =P

Him: I don't know what to say to you

Me: why not?

Him: I thought you were waaaayyyyyyy cooler than that....

Him: I guess not


I'm baffled All I did was catch onto a joke a little bit slowly...is there something I'm missing?

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He is 1) either kidding or 2) a weirdo who is trying to prove god knows what. But it seems to me that hes just kidding around with you about the way cooler part. Dont take it so hard really


I would've thought he was kidding, except for the fact that he quieted up after that instead of throwing in a "jk" or continuing conversation. Of course I may be reading too much into things, I just find it odd that he so suddenly became so cold after previously acting so flirtatious and interested.

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Yeah, he misspelled innuendo. That’s part of the problem with IM and text messaging, no facial expression, no tone of voice, sometimes it can be hard to determine someone’s intent. If this is someone you’re likely to see again, I think you’ll be able to determine if he is serious by how he reacts to you.

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