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Why is she acting differently now?

She's Not Texting Me Like She U...
She's Not Texting Me Like She Used To

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For the past few months I've been reconnecting with an ex from a few years back. It has been very very flirty, and she would call me two or three times a week.


A couple of weeks ago she decided to come and see me (we live a couple of hours apart now). Well, the obvious and inevitable happened. Neither of us want to be in relationships so we decided this would be something fun and casual for us to do.


Since then, any contact we've had - i.e. very very little - has been initiated by me. There's no flirting from her and any I try is pretty much ignored. I asked her when she was gonna come see me again and she ignored the question and asked me about a film I saw earlier. When I pressed her, she gave me the vague answer of "when I next have a chance".


Why is she being like this? Obviously it's as a result of sleeping together again, but what is going through her head? I need to find out from her.


Having dated her years ago I know she was prone to not admitting to things for fear of offending/scaring off people, even when it was blatantly obvious something was up.


How do I bring this up with her? I know it's supposed to be casual but obviously something has made this girl change into someone it's hard to even have a conversation with.

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Since neither one of you wants a relationship, maybe she doesn't see the point of traveling for a few hours back and forth, just for the sake of having sex.


I know this isn't the question you're asking, but wouldn't it be healthier for you to move on, and find someone who is a good match for you?


Take care...

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Why did the two of you break up, and what has changed since then?


We broke up because it was my first big relationship and I had a lot of problems, in the end she cheated on me and so that was it.


What has changed since then: she was in a steady relationship for two years that came to a natural end, and has had the time to reflect on our relationship and what she did wrong. She is further along in her career too. I have travelled the world and was engaged for a time; that didn't work out.


Both of us have been out of relationships for a while and don't want to be in one again for a bit. We still click personality-wise and the sex is still amazing.

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