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the book, the movie : is it true?

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You For ...
How To Tell If A Guy Likes You For Real

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guys are like you. think of what it is that YOU do when you like someone and look for it in him

Unlike women, guys have to actually... you know... do stuff, and take the initiative. After all, according to the book, if we don't ask a woman out and make them do the chasing, 9/10 times we just aren't that into them.


Please note: the odds are just as bad, and probably worse, when the situation is reversed.

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I had guys chase me around quite a few times and this is how I generally know they like me:


  • Imitating my body movements
  • Telling me about any interest they have
  • They seem to be focused on only me
  • Their voice changes when they are only talking to me (this rarely happens but it does)
  • They try to be interested in my interests
  • Body language
  • Wanting to be around me
  • They try to be extra nice and/or extra helpful when I'm around
  • And sometimes, they do initiate body contact

That's basically how it's been.

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