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Teasing and name calling, jokingly.


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Apparently all women have been shaped by women in their life at a young age that if a guy is being a moron towards us, it means he likes us. (Because of how stupid little boys act early in life).


My question is, do they still act like this later in life?

Teasing and name calling if they like a girl?

Throwing things at her to annoy her?


And I know that if a guy swears at you like a trucker, from accross the street and throws a brick onto the windshield of your car, that it means he PROBABLY doesn't like you. I mean the little things, silly.


Boys, do you still bug the ladies you like as a strange way of "flirting"?

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Did you just watch "He's not that into you?" I know that was the opening scene. Sure, men tease women they like. It's common. It often means that there's a romantic interest. However, men also tease women that they have no romantic interest in. Basically, some people like to tease, teasing often requires thought, inspiration, and creativity. thereforee, someone teasing you may be thinking about you in just those terms.... creatively, with creativity, and perhaps, with inspiration. Those ingredients do not a love affair make, but they certainly can't hurt.

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